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In Corporis we treat people , not illnesses, because each patient is unique, with their circumstances and particularities, that is why we treat case by case, assessing the specific needs of each of our patients.

In order for the results to be optimal, we firmly believe in the need for the patient to be responsible and aware of their recovery process, helping them to find the necessary support and motivation so that together with the effort of our work they can find complete recovery in the shortest possible time.

It is essential that the patient is informed, that they know what their ailment consists of, what will be the steps to follow in their recovery and the possible treatment options available to them, giving them voice and vote, so that they have at their disposal all the knowledge about its process, can collaborate in the making of therapeutic decisions and in this way be involved in its treatment.

We believe that the relationship with our patients should be based on respect and mutual trust, trying not to create dependency bonds that are so damaging to the therapist-patient treatment.

We are convinced that another healthcare model is possible and we work every day to make it a reality with the help of each and every one of our patients.

Below we detail the experience and / or professional career of our collaborators:

Sabino Senra Álvarez


Diploma in Physiotherapy from the European University of Madrid (UEM) 2004


2004 – 2006 Master in Holistic Kinesiology (UEM) 240h.

Sept. 2006 Advanced Course in Holistic Kinesiology (WSO) Vienna Osteopathy School. 40h

Nov. 2006 Applied Antiomotoxic Mesotherapy. 40h

April. 2007 Neuromuscular bandage Kinesio taping. 8pm

2006 – 2008 Numerous courses in Advanced Holistic Kinesiology.

May. 2009 Homeopathy for Kinesiologists. 20h

Sept. 2009 Regeneration of Soft Parts Techniques. (Mechanotransduction and training

Neuromuscular). 40h

Oct. 2010 Intratissue Percutaneous Electrolysis (EPI). 8pm

Oct. 2010 Muscle Ultrasound – Skeletal. 40h

2006 – 2012 Osteopathy (D.O). School of the Osteopathic Concept. (ECHO). MES Foundation. 1500h

Maria Sierra Sanfíz


-Diploma in Physiotherapy. University School of Pontevedra, University of Vigo (1998-2001)


2003 – Normal Movement Course. Taught by Bettina Paeth Rohlfs, physiotherapist and senior tutor Bobath (IBITA). University School of Physiotherapy of Pontevedra.

2004-2005 – 1st Osteopathy: Structural Techniques. School of Osteopathy of Madrid 90 teaching hours

2009-2010 – University Expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Malaga University

2010 – Myofascial Induction 1st Level: “Structural Techniques”. Professor Andrzej Pilat. 90 teaching hours. Tupimek School

2011 – Myofascial Induction 2nd Level: “Global Techniques”. Professor Andrzej Pilat. 90 teaching hours. Tupimek School

2012 – Advanced Course in Acupuncture. Tai Yi School Málaga